gsp faq

q) what time is drop off

A) we request 6 am unless other arrangements are made

Q) when should I remove feed 

A) you need to remove feed 16 hrs prior to drop off, water is ok only

Q) are my birds frozen

A) no your birds are fresh back to you 

Q) what is required at pick up 

A) you are required to bring appropriate coolers to handle your product ( ice etc )

Q) do you have crates for transporting

A) yes we offer the use of our chicken crates on a 1 to 1 basis , pick up is usually the day before 

Q) how do I know if  I am getting my birds back

A) we mark you crates or cages and we only process 1 customer at a time , we frequent color tag each customer with small flocks and small containers to keep from mixing

Q) are my birds freezer ready 

A) yes we package for direct entry for freezer

Q) what is your minimum

A) we do not have any 

Q) what type of payment 

A) we accept cash or check only

Q) where are you located 

A) we are at 95 Spaulding St ,  we are on a dead end Rd , take a right and drive behind the main barn at the end of the road . We are at the top of the hill , please come to the garage door side for drop off

Q) when is pick up

A) usually the next day or Monday we will set up a time at drop off time

Q)  can I drop off the night before 

A) We will no longer be allowed to do this at the farm ,Am drop off only sorry

Q) Birds in trailers for tansport is this ok ?A) We will allow this if the conditions are met  , being a clean trailer NON contaminated with any other animal waste other than poultry , there may   be a small unloading fee 


We process Saturday's for Chickens and Turkeys by appointments only

We process ducks and geese on Sundays by appointment only

Granite State Poultry is not responsible for any or all of your crates or containers after processing time , you will need to remember to remove your property at pick-up

If you are new or wanting to start raising birds and need some questions answered please feel free to e-mail or call and leave a message and I will try my best to help you  . Thank You Lionel